The Salon is an independent arts/debate night held on the main Friday night of every year's Sydney Writers' Festival.

Our format is informal at heart: throw together three experts with different backgrounds and/or perspectives and let the fireworks start. A moderator is involved since we view the audience as the "fourth panelist". We have maintained our original ethos by inviting artists to present their work as part of our events: another angle on complex issues.

The Salon came to life in 2005 at the everso derelict-chic Knot Gallery, an artist-run space next to Sydney's Central Station. Sadly, the Knot Gallery closed its doors back in 2006 and The Salon is now an annual event. In 2007, we published an anthology of the poets and artists featured at the event.

Shaun Davies and James Stuart

Scroll right to see flyers from some of our past events. All photographs by James Stuart. Artwork for Salon February 2005 by James Hancock; September 2005 by Anthony Bennett. Original visual identity by Elke Tunold.
08/2006: Let's Evict Big Brother?!
04/2006: Howard's Hate Mail
09/2005: Why Hate America?
08/2005: Civil Liberty a Liability?
07/2005: Nuclear Power
04/2005: Public Broadcasters
02/2005: Australian Cinema
Salon numero uno